Lior Elmaleh, Israel


Singer of Piutim (Jewish Liturgical Poems) – Born in 1974 and raised in Qiryat-Shmona, Israel.
Since his early childhood, attracted by the Beautiful Andalusian poets, Lior got his musical education from the famous and most influential poets headed by the well-known poet Nisim Shushan. By the age of thirteen, alongside with his musical and piano lessons at the Ramat-Gan’s conservatory, Elmaleh has start performing in Israel and abroad, building his reputation as a popular cantorship (Chazanut) poet in Spanish and Moroccan Jewish Communities all around the world.

Following three years of an obligatory military Service as a soloist at the IDF’s Rabbinate Chorus, Elmaleh joined the orchestra andalou d’israel where he is a lead soloist till the current day.

Two new albums by Elmaleh had recently hit the International market. The first one -“Neshima”(Breath), composed by musician Eric Rudich, is a modern performance to the ancient Andalusian music, the second “Tzur Shehechiani” accompaniment by the orchestra andalou d’israel, the pianist Morris Almaduni and the conductor Dr. Avi Amzaleg is an anthology of Algerian and Moroccan Sh’abi style, remarkable, music pieces.

At the current period Elmaleh, who holds a Communication and Social Sciences Bachelor degree from Ramat-Gan University, is rehearsing a live solo performance, bending authentic Andalusian and Algerian music work together with special originally composed pieces.

“His voice stands alone in the landscape of Israeli music, warm and oriental, exciting and unique, and with rare vocal capabilities.”
Ehud Manor