Music ensemble


“A basic condition for making music with each other is people you get on well with, and with whom there is mutual respect. You cannot make music on a deeper level when you don’t feel at ease with the other person. Making music means submitting oneself completely. Singing or playing with someone means sharing the deepest experiences.”
Jordi Savall

Concert recordings in the Herz Jesu Church, Buchs, canton St. Gallen, on 12 April 2014 ‘Mare Nostrum’
Jordi Savall with Hespèrion XXI, La Capella Reial de Catalunya and the Scuola Vivante choir

Jordi Savall, Fiddle, rebab, lyre and musical direction
Lior Elmaleh, Vocals
Gürsoy Dinçer, Vocals
Aikaterini Papadopoulou, Vocals

La Capella Reial de Catalunya
David Sagastume, Countertenor
Lluís Vilamajó, Tenor
Furio Zanasi, Baritone
Daniele Carnovich, Bass

Hespèrion XXI
Pierre Hamon, Flutes and bagpipes
Michaël Grébil, Lute and cithar
Andrew Lawrence-King, Harp
Pedro Estevan, Percussion
Haïg Sarikouyoumdjian, Ney and duduk
Gaguik Mouradian, Kamancha
Hakan Güngör, Kanun
Yurdal Tokcan, Oud
Yair Dalal, Oud
Dimitri Psonis, Santur and morisca
Erez Shmuel Mounk, Percussion

Scuola Vivante choir
Carl Gabriel, Carla Scattolin, Chiara Ravelli, Francesca Ravelli, Gianna Mercoli, Hans Gabriel, Johannes Vogler, Lalegna Baumann, Lia Secli, Marina Hunziker, Marvin Märkli, Quirin Novotny, Raphael Marxer, Ronja Novotny, Sina Loop
Stimmbildung: Veronika Müller Mäder